Second Darkness



The Immortals scattered across Varisia after returning from the Land of Black Blood. It was clear that, after the epic battles they had been through; it was time for a break. And that meant that they would find lives separate of each other, as trouble always seemed to find them whenever they remained together. Only Ruil knew of his own destination as he began reforming the Winter Council, and indeed reforming all the elves to his vision. Queen Talandia and her corrupt advisor were both taken in chains, and locked away in the highest tower at Thorn End; the seat of the Winter Council. Changes were coming to the elven nation, and only Ruil knew what they would be.
The knowledge that had been left in Allevrah's wake pertaining  to the meteor was now locked away in another tower, where Ruil's newly summoned celestial's kept a constant guard. The books had been discovered in Allevrah's chambers at the Throne of Abraxus, along with a note by some mysterious figure named Alistraxia, addressed to the Immortals. There was no safer place for books and scrolls to be stored, except in the Winter Council libraries. And Ruil made sure everyone knew of this. For in fact, he knew of an even safer place for the knowledge and thus only he knew that all of Allevrah's notes in the library were currently fakes. The real books he decided to keep in an interdimensional pocket upon his own person where there he could forever protect them.
Citrine's footsteps brought her back to Riddleport, where there her father Saul was overjoyed to see his daughter. Yet Citrine had never seen a father figure in the one armed man, and Saul seemed to sense that. Thinking to mend bridges, he revealed that she in fact had a twin sister named Natalya. Yet this only further enraged Citrine, seeing it as yet another nail in his coffin. Saul didn't know much, only that her mother had run off with Natalya when she was a child. This line of conversation seemed to "stump" the old man as he suddenly realized that Citrine's mother had supposedly died giving birth to Citrine. The Sarenranian disavowed her relationship with Saul.
After going to the temple to Sarenrae and finally kicking Beltius Kreun out of the edifice, Citrine healed Father Patrick's blindness and gave to the church enough funding so that it could be rebuilt to the glory it should be. And indeed, Riddleport, City of Thieves soon found itself with a throng of Sarenranians at its doorstep, all to serve under Father Patrick.
As for Citrine, she found herself a new mission in life; family. Her twin sister she soon discovered in Magnimar. Yet such a reunion was not the wanting of Natalya. It was obvious that life had divided differently for the two sisters, as Natalya had become a delver; one who hunts for long lost treasures. She said she was currently working for Karzoug the Claimer, and that he would not take kindly to any interruptions in her current hunt. And so, Citrine bid her farewell, and began her own hunt to see if she could find her mother.
Gunderhoff and Corthana had started their epic journey together, and they decided that such would remain. After a quick adventure with Captain Creesy on Gunderhoff's Will, the dwarf decided that a land adventure would be much safer to his stomach. Only a few days into their journey, they came across a fire dwarf on the road. He said his name was Imp, and said that he knew well the great exploit the two Immortal's had recently accomplished. Given that all the Immortal's had sworn their adventure would not become part of history, it seemed odd that a stranger would know so much. Imp did have an offer, one that, if successful would make defender and spellthief richer than anyone. Imp gave them a map and said that he would like them to seek out a white dragon orb for him. With the staff of life still in hand, Gunderhoff and Corthana agreed, and they ventured forth on this new quest for adventure.
"Why are these hallways dark? They are supposed to be lit with all the colors of the rainbow? And where is everyone? This place should be dancing with people? Hello? Anyone?"
"I hear you."
"Whoa, who the heck are you? Can you please come out of the shadows so that I can shake your hand?"
"But of course hero, in fact it is you I have come to see. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alistraxia. I apologize for the emptiness of the hall. Don't worry, they will all awake shortly."
"Ok. Wow, you're a big woman. And your have six arms! "
"All the better to slay my enemies with my dear. But you are not one of those. In fact I come bearing a gift for you."
"A gift? Thank you. How did you know it was my birthday?"
"Knowledge is power my friend, and that is what I have for you. Here, take this book."
"The Final Incantation. What's it about?"
"You recall the star that came across the sky?"
"Yes. Too bad it went by so fast."
"Would you like to see more such stars?"
"Oh boy, would I !!!"
"Then open the book."
Doovafoodle opened the front cover, and his smile became bigger and bigger with every turn of the page.



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