Second Darkness

Summary 20: Late Night Harvest

Chapter Six: Decent into Midnight

The Immortals approached the next glyph in their quest to destroy them all. This one was located in a small field of crystal arches, its renewal energy radiating strongly from it. This was the glyph that would automatically bring back previous glyphs that had been destroyed within a matter of a single day. Although the Immortal's had no way of knowing this, it meant that this glyph had to be destroyed fast.
There were no guardians to be seen, but that changed as they approached the glyph. From several of the arches, and rip opened between the material plane and the abyss. From those tears, came forth tentacles that belonged to a colossal beast. One of them appeared right next to Ruil who quickly slashed at it with his sword. The blade couldn't pierce rubbery hide, but the shocking grasp within the blade burned the flesh of the Abyssal Harvester's appendage. Corthana blasted two of the tentacles with her lightning bolt wand, burning more of the beast. Gunderhoff did his usual bless spell to inspire his friends in battle.
Before Citrine could react, the tentacles retaliated. Ruil ducked the attack aimed at his head. He wasn't quick enough to get out of the way of a second tentacle that wrapped around his ribs and began squeezing his life away. Another tentacle lashed out at Corthana, and sent her flying through the air. Gunderhoff simply put up his shield in the hopes that it would repel any attacks. Sure enough, he heard the sound of two large bangs upon the metal. Citrine meanwhile found herself dragged down by a tentacle that crushed her legs to paste. The glyph of renewal's energy bathed the Harvester in healing energy, mending some of its wounds.
Corthana tried healing the glyph in the hopes it would do something. When that didn't work, she tried bonding with it in the hopes of discovering its weaknesses. Yet her soothing words weren't enough to convince the glyph to open its self up to its inner workings. It would be up to the diplomatic Citrine to do so, but she was being held fast. Gunderhoff smashed his hammer down, but none of his attacks did any harm to the beast. The Harvester continued squeezing Citrine and Ruil, cracking bones even more. One tentacle smashed into Gunderhoff's back, and pulled him into its grasp.  Corthana too found a tentacle wrapped around her, and it began squeezing her life away.
The Immortal's found themselves in a literal bind.  Held as they were, their options were limited. Ruil cursed his own spell studies as all of his spells required two hands for casting, and one of them was pinned. Corthana still held her lightening bolt wand and let one of them fly, burning two of the tentacles. The others continued squeezing their prey, and all four Immortals cried out in pain.
Despite the pain, Ruil pushed through it and cast the only spell he knew that could get him out of the situation. He cast a dimensional hop that got him out of the grasp. He then intended to regroup his allies to his side, but the effort in casting the first spell was simply too great and the words faltered on his tongue. Gunderhoff, staff of life in hand, healed up his own wounds, as did Citrine with a spell. Such tactics could only go on for so long. Corthana again blasted away with her wand, destroying two of the tentacles. The one grasping her however crushed her further, and she felt the world spinning. The Harvester felt her weakness and began drawing Corthana into the Abyss. With all her strength, the spellthief used her Will to resist the pull, and succeeded in her defense.
Ruil, was not free for long as a tentacle again wrapped itself around his body and pulled him towards the Abyssal opening. He too resisted the fires of oblivion and remained on his home plane, just before darkness blanketed his consciousness. His other friends were crushed further towards the same fate. Citrine grimaced through the pain in an attempt to burn a tentacle, but it was too much and her spell failed her. Corthana blasted two of the tentacles with a lightning bolt, one of which had Gunderhoff in its folds and thus he too was struck by the magic.
The dwarf was desperate, and grabbed a dagger which bent in two as he plunged it into the tentacle. The Harvester dropped the seemingly dead Ruil, and upon seeing that, Corthana played dead. Thinking her dead, the Harvester dropped her. Citrine again had her body crushed and was pulled towards the Abyssal tear. Luckily she resisted the pull, but she was still in a bad state. In desperation, she again tried to summon fire, and Sarenrae seemed to hear her call as fire flew from her fingertips and destroyed the tentacle holding Gunderhoff.
Corthana, now prone, blasted two tentacles to death with another bolt of electricity. Gunderhoff then ran to Ruil and with a touch from the rod of life, healed up most of his wounds and saved his life. Citrine saw blood before her eyes and knew it was her own as blackness enveloped her. Now conscious, Ruil regrouped all of his friends to his side, and then gave his healer friend a potion to bring light back to her eyes. Citrine then mended more of her wounds to ensure she was safe from immediate death.
Corthana again blasted away with her powerful wand, wounding the last tentacle greatly. Gunderhoff then ran to her side and healed up her bones with his healing rod. The tentacle lashed out at Citrine, and grabbed her into its folds, again splintering bones and knocking her out. Ruil, now close to the appendage, opted just to send a shocking grasp through his hand. The blast was so great that the tentacle exploded in a pile of gore, ending the fight and giving hope for success in their overall mission.
After a few healing waves from Citrine and Gunderhoff, as well as a few healing spells, attention turned to the glyph of renewal. Citrine placed her hands upon it, but knew that there was no way she would be able to convince it to deactivate itself. And so the Immortal's went to their trusted weapons, noticing that only Gunderhoff's hammer seemed to have any effect. And as the glyph expired, it exploded in a wave of negative energy that robbed them all of warrior knowledge. That however was easily restored thanks to Gunderhoff's rod of life. A beam of light from the glyph blasted off to the distance, illuminating a small drow fortress.
Citrine cast a windwalk to speed their journey. It also allowed them to pass through the cracks in the walls in order to scout out all the rooms. As such they were able to see all the drow defenders within, as well as a room where within The Glyph of Defense stood strong, defended by a drow sorcerer and a hezrou demon.
The four decided to materialize in a nearby vacant room. Corthana had a plan whereby she would lock the courtyard doors, stopping any reinforcements from arriving. Yet her careful manipulations were not precise enough as she triggered a trap that sent a wave of chilling black blood flowing into the room. The spellthief quickly jumped over the water, but her friends were not as lucky as the water burned their skin with cold. Ruil's scream of pain was enough to alert the guards outside, and they began yelling amongst themselves as to what to do.
Corthana, over the past weeks had been studying the undercommon language, and heard guards arguing as to who would open the door. She then moved left and attempted to open the lock of their destination room with the glyph, but its complexity eluded her. Citrine raised her magical shields in preparation for the battle to come. Gunderhoff then blessed everyone with his signature spell.
In the end, one of the drider's drew the short straw and opened the door after mumbled a password. He then moved to the side as his three drider friends launched lightening bolts at Citrine whose protective spell absorbed all it. The two drow soldiers moved to another door to inform their ghoul priest ally of the attack, while the others cast fiery fire and darkness upon the Sarenranian.
Ruil blew open the door with a pair of scorching rays where the glyph was, opening the way for an attack by his friends. Drexinis the drow sorcerer smiled in anticipation for the blood he assumed would flow at the end of his spells. Corthana moved into the room and used a stoneshape to block the door, ensuring enemies would have a difficult time coming to the drow's aid. Citrine meanwhile blasted they army of defenders with fire and holy radiance, decimating nearly all of them. Only the driders remained after the magic's light faded, and their wounds were horrible. They tried to retaliate, but their axes bounced off of spellshields.
Gunderhoff took up his returning spear and threw it at Drexinis. The barb grazed the drow's shoulder. Drexinis retaliated with a cone of cold that struck all the Immortal's, with the exception of Corthana who jumped out of the way. The hezrou meanwhile created a hammer of force in the air that hammered the minds of all four heroes, hurting them badly. Gunderhoff took the worst of the spell, and felt his movements hindered by the magic.
Ruil of powerful in spellfire and blade, and with the latter he charged in, cutting Drexinis across the ribs and slicing lungs. Corthana then finished off the drow with a hail of daggers. For added measure, she threw a few daggers at the hezrou who fell for her feint. One dagger lodged into the demons knee, sending it crumpling to the ground in pain. Citrine waded into the group of driders, her scimitar nearly dropping one. Gunderhoff felt the spear in his hand and threw it at the hezrou, hurting the demon further.
Now all alone, the hezrou tried to summon another of its kind. A gate opened and a hezrou looked into the material plane. Upon seeing the mighty Immortal's however, it closed the portal on itself, not wanting anything to do with the powerful warrior. The driders continued their attacks upon Citrine, but still her armor held them at bay. In a nearby room, the ghoul priestess Atendri began slinking away. Yet a sunbeam from Citrine's palm obliterated the undead before it could do so.
In short order, the Immortal's waded through demon and drider with bloody abandon. These were enemies they had dealt with several times and thus they knew how to handle them. Only the glyph of defense remained, and within a few moment, its too was destroyed, sending out a beam of light to the Fetid Palace. With only three glyphs to go including the master glyph, victory seemed to be at hand. The final battle with their never before seen foe was at handle. And if she knew what was coming for her, she would do well to tremble in fear.



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