Second Darkness

Summary 22: Allavrah

Chapter Six: Decent into Midnight

Within the corridor, eight drow priestesses of Abraxus awaited the heroes who had come to usurp their mistress’s plans. These drow had never faced such a foe as they now found their white eyes upon, and indeed the Immortals reacted in the blink of an eye, as five barbs were released from an outstretched hand, knocking two of the drow to the ground with daggers in their knees, while two others had daggers in their lungs. Ruil decided to mop up some of what his ally had started, launching two scorching rays and immolating one of the priestesses. He then walked up to the second one on the ground, daring her to stand up.
None of the drow who took dagger wounds could concentrate through the pain, and lost their spells in the wind. The other four however each cast a chaos hammer bringing pain to all the minds of the Immortal's, with Gunderhoff  taking the brunt of the pain thanks to his path he chose to live his life. Corthana too seemed unprepared for the massive mind assault and she clutched her head in great pain. The dwarf moved into melee range, and smashed his hammer on the nearest drow, wounding him further. Citrine blasted away with fire, and wounded it further.
Corthana lifted her hand up and caught her returning dagger. She then sent it flying, along with a flurry of other daggers. Looking at her handiwork, she saw two drow dead, and one more on the ground, clutching at his Achilles heel. Ruil blasted all the drow with a massive shout spell that splintered bones, and wounded them all. The drow on the ground tried to cast from where he laid but could not get out of the descending blade of Ruil, the steel silencing his spell. Four of the other drow were able to push through the pain and again cast their painful chaos hammers.  The remaining drow blasted the Immortals with a fireball from her wand, hoping that her friend's innate resistance would protect her.
Gunderhoff, now in terrible shape after all the magic that had blasted him, stayed in the fight and bludgeoned the priestess on the ground until her face was nothing but bloody gore. Citrine, her scimitar in hand, moved in and slashed true one of the priestesses. Corthana was the shining fighter in this battle, with her daggers again devastating the drow ranks and sending one drow soul to Abraxus. Ruil then cut two more drow down to the ground, leaving only a single survivor. She had just enough time to fireball the Immortals, before Gunderhoff's hammer caved in her head.
After a few healing spells by Corthana and Gunderhoff, everyone was feeling up for another fight. Yet knowing their longest battle was just around the corner was cause for caution. They thus windwalked several miles away from the basilica to rememorize their most potent spells, before returning a short time later. They passed under a set of double doors, triggering a glyph of warding that sent electricity into their mist-like forms. They then observed one of the deadliest enemies they had ever seen. Ruil identified it a xacarba, also known as an Abraxus demon. It was a huge snake like creature that seemed like an amalgamation of three snakes as it had six fangs, three tales, and six eyes.
The xacarba recognized the windwalk spell and lowered its head, revealing a symbol of pain that permeated Ruil mind and caused constant rivulets of agony through his body. The demon then cast a mass suggestion upon them all, but they pushed aside the magic. The Immortal's decided to pass back under the door where there they resumed their human form and prepared to make boots out of their newest opponent. Citrine was quick to dispel the symbol affecting Ruil, bringing great relief to the duskblade. Corthana meanwhile found the glyph of warding on the door and disabled it. They were then free to open the door without risk of electrocution. As they did so, they noticed the xacarba had called in reinforcements in the form of a pair of hezrou demons.
Corthana as usual was quick to react, tossing her daggers at the hezrous and knocking them both down to the floor. The xacarba seemed to sense the various enchantments overwhelming Citrine and hit her twice with two of its tales, one of which ensnared her and once with its maw. The bite pierced her skin, hurting her. The venom from those teeth sent created an aura that surrounded her form and dispelled most of her powerful buff spells.
Ruil began casting a spell when suddenly he heard an aura of voices within his head. They told him to cast his fireburst spell at Corthana. The spellthief's reflexes were always on high alert, and she jumped aside from the spell. Gunderhoff however did not expect and attack from behind, and took the conflagration right in the back. The dwarf wasn't fazed at all however, and charged at the xacarba, smashing his hammer into scales.
The hezrous got to their feet and one of them went to the chaos hammer spell that was so very effective against heroes. Corthana, still recovering from the blast from her ally wasn't expecting the mental assault, and she seemed to suffer more than any of her other friends. The other hezrou opted for strategy and teleported in back of the Immortals, blocking any possible exit from the room. Corthana found herself with demons all around her and waved her blades in front of her, fending off any attacks.
The xacarba lashed out at Gunderhoff, but the power of tower shield repelled the assault of fangs and tails. Ruil, seeing the plight of Citrine, regrouped her to her side, while shutting out the voices that were telling him to bring a hezrou to his side instead. He then slashed at the nearest hezrou, but his sword got tangled up in Citrine's equipment, and it took him several seconds to free the blade. Citrine then cast a holy word, commanding the demons to vanish. In that moment, the two demons disappeared to their home planes in a blaze of holy fire. And then the xacarba's form began to shimmer; before it too was banished from the material plane.
Citrine used a little bit of her powers to heal up everyone's wounds. While she did that, Corthana scanned the double doors and disabled another warding spell upon it.  And as the doors opened before her, the Immortals entered a large room containing the Master Glyph. Guarding the glyph was Allevrah herself, along with eight priestesses and five vrocks. There was no doubt that this would be the biggest fight of their lives. Allevrah simply said that the heroes had ruined everything, and that they would all die for it.
Again Corthana was quick to react, aiming a dagger at five different priestesses and knocking three to the ground. Ruil then blasted Allevrah with an enervation ray that sailed right past her ear. Had the warrior been graced by the blessing of Gunderhoff, he would have struck true. Alas the dwarf was slower in his spellcasting. Citrine cast a sunburst that blinded all the drow, save Allevrah whose two thousand years on the surface had acclimated herself to the bright light. Four of the priestesses were quick to avert their eyes from the flash of light. Yet still the spell burned everyone's flesh, including the vrocks.
One of the vrocks moved closer to Citrine, ignoring Ruil who had not shown any offensive skill as of yet. And so it came as quite the surprise when a great sword from said elf chopped its hand clean off.  It clutched the stump in rage and pain, and stopped in its tracks. Two other vrocks engaged their mirror image spells, while the others attempted to summon forth more vrocks, with one of its friends answering the call from the Abyss. The priestesses meanwhile picked themselves off the ground and each drank their potions of invisibility.
Now it was time for Allevrah to react to the intrusion upon her plans. Thanks to the glyph of vigilance, she had observed all of the Immortal's battles so far, and thus knew which spells to protect herself with in order to maximize her survival. Although it had cost her most of her prayers, it was necessary for her survival. With her Lash of Abraxus, she sent it on its way, allowing the whips own intellect to find targets and bring them down. It flew at Citrine, but the Sarenranian jumped the coil as it tried to trip her up. Allevrah then cast a destruction spell upon the Citrine. The wave of negative energy threatened to rend flesh from bone, but Citrine was able to will her body into a stable form. And then Gunderhoff finally blessed his friends.
Corthana let fly her daggers again at a vrock, trying to knock aside a few images. Ruil then shouted sonic energy, the ripples bringing death to four of the priestesses, and wounding Allevrah as well.  The spell also brought the drow from their spell of invisibility. Citrine launched one of her holy fires that destroyed yet another priestess, and it seemed things were going very much like the Immortal's wanted. The vrocks meanwhile began dancing with joy, allowing the charge of death to begin welling up inside them. The last remaining priestess meanwhile blasted forth a small fireball that enveloped everyone but Corthana who found herself just out of range.
Allevrah's whip then went to work, striking Citrine twice and draining away some of her life force. She meanwhile flamestriked the Immortals. Corthana however was quick to tumble aside from the flames, while Ruil's fire shield protected him from harm. Gunderhoff noticed Citrine was not doing very well and so healed her with the staff of life.  Corthana meanwhile continued her assault on the vrocks, destroying even more images.
Ruil again sent enervation magic at Allevrah, but her innate resistance simply absorbed it. Citrine, adopted a wall of defense as she was still feeling the effects of the many spells that had struck her. The remaining priestess again blasted away with fire, hurting all the Immortal's yet again. Allevrah, seemed to be hesitating, and indeed she was as her offensive spells were running low. She thus went invisible with a mere thought, and then started chanting a very long spell. The Lash of Abraxus meanwhile continued its assault on Citrine who deflected every strike.
More daggers flew forth, this time in a scattered pattern that destroyed many more images as well as one going clean through the head of the remaining priestess, dropping her dead. Ruil focused his attacks on the nearest vrock, knocking aside its remaining images with his sword and a dispelling touch. Citrine purged the invisibility blanketing Allevrah, and noticed the former elf in the middle of spell casting. The vrocks too saw their mistress and knew she was in distress. They thus danced towards her to form a demon shield of flesh. As they did so, Allevrah finished her firestorm and sent the wave over all the Immortal's. The heat was so furious that even Ruil's shield couldn't protect him fully. Corthana again jumped out of harm's way, but Citrine and Gunderhoff were burned badly. Allevrah then cast one of her most powerful spells, a repulsion effect. The Immortal's will to slay her was simply too strong, and they all pushed through the powerful enchantment. Gunderhoff quickly moved to Citrine yet again and healed her wounds with the staff of life.
Corthana looked at Allevrah and pointed to the ceiling, she looked to where the spellthief was pointing and in that instant, Corthana fired all her daggers into the drow’s chest; and each one fell to the ground as it hit the stoneskin enchantment. Ruil yet again blasted forth more enervation, and again it was absorbed by Allevrah's drow resistance. The priestess to Abraxus then air walked up a few feet to get out of range from the dance of death that all the vrocks unleashed upon the Immortal's. The electrical wave devastated them all, nearly knocking them all to the ground in writhing agony. Allevrah then prayered, negating the one already on the Immortal's that had been cast before the battle. The whip continuing harassing Citrine who continued evading its attacks.
Corthana then blasted Ruil with insult after insult, yelling at him as to why he hadn't done what he normally did battles? Angry at her, and himself, he dimensional hopped to Allevrah's side, and then cast regroup to bring all his friends to his side, and right next to Allevrah. Citrine decided to stay back from the battle, not accepting the spell in order to save her friends from the whip. Instead, she cast a greater dispel magic that was promptly dispelled by the ring of counterspells on Allevrah's finger containing that same spell. Not wanting to be surrounded, the drow clicked her heels together and used her boots of teleportation to get herself out of range of the three Immortal's surrounding her. The vrocks then all cast their mirror images again, much to the annoyance of Corthana.
Gunderhoff had been serving as nothing but a bonker of healing throughout the battle upon others. Now however, it was time to heal himself as he realized the world was starting to get blurry. Corthana yet again blasted away at demon images with daggers, in the hopes of opening the door for a solid hit by Ruil's greatsword or Citrine's enspelled scimitar. Ruil did indeed attack the nearest vrock, hitting it twice with steel, as well as one of its images. A silent mental command from Allevrah had the vrocks backing up a few steps and they screeched, paralyzing Corthana. In the place of the vrocks, a blade barrier formed right where most of the Immortal's were standing. Corthana was helpless and she was torn by a thousand cuts.
Ruil again cut away at the nearest vrock, nearly downing it with his mighty blade. Citrine who had been out of range from Allevrah's last spell, blasted a sunbeam through two vrocks and Allevrah. The demons screamed in pain, and the beam clipped Allevrah's body, but she seemed unaffected by the spell, having made herself immune to sunbeam with a defensive spell earlier during the day.
One of the vrocks lunged at Ruil, but recoiled at the backlash of fire that burned its talons. The three vrocks meanwhile began dancing. Allevrah, now out of offensive spells, took out a wand and sent an enervation ray into Ruil. She then summoned the Lash of Abraxus to her hand, giving her something to defend herself with. The blade barrier continued cutting away at Corthana who was still paralyzed within it. Gunderhoff too was still within its range, and found his flesh torn apart.
Ruil, seeing so many vrocks that were holding on to life, shouted their way, finally killing two vrocks, while critically wounding the rest.  Citrine then cast a flamestrike that killed one of the vrocks. Allevrah however simply walked through the flames, seemingly immune to the holy fires. Two of the vrocks screeched in defiance, but the Immortal's resisted the freezing of their own muscles in response. The other remaining vrocks moved next to their mistress and moved their talon in front of her to intercept any incoming swords. As for Allevrah, she again blasted Ruil with enervation. The ray hit the duskblade right in the head, and seemed to drain even more of his life force away.
Corthana finally shot off the paralyzation and jumped out of the blade barrier.  She switched to her wand of magic missiles and blasted a vrock, but its own resistance absorbed the magic. Ruil found his skills greatly dwindled after all the enervations, but still managed to strike true on a vrock, bring it to one knee. Citrine blasted away with a flamestrike that wounded further a vrock and killed another. Gunderhoff then healed Ruil slightly, but there was little the Toragian could do. Allevrah then moved next to a vrock and mended the demons burns. Two could play at the healing game it seemed.
Again Corthana fired away with her wand, but the magic was simply too weak and it dispelled over the nearest vrock. Ruil slashed at a near dead vrock, finally downing his foe. Allevrah then took out a scroll and after a few words, healed another vrock. It seemed the fight, that had seemed to be going so well, was slowly turning into an epic failure. Corthana searched through her wands, and took out another one, casting its magic  on Ruil and displacing him. Ruil looked through his remaining spells, and decided upon a scorching ray that promptly was deflected back into Ruil thanks to Allevrah's greater spell turning shield.
The vrocks decided then that Citrine had to die and die fast. They clawed and bit at her, with a pair of talons cutting her badly across the arm. She retaliated with a brilliant display of scimitarship, and sent demon blood flowing. Allevrah sensed that things were starting to turn more and more against her. She continued fired her enervations at Ruil, but the displacement confounded her aim, and they repeatedly missed the target. Meanwhile her vrocks continued defending her, but they faced warhammer and daggers on a near constant basis. Citrine's sword too kept cutting in, followed by Ruil's greatsword.
There was only one last tactic, and that was the blade barrier. When the last vrock perished, Allevrah teleported right within the bladed wall, her spell immunity making her immune to it as it was the third spell she had protected herself from. Now the Immortal's would have to reach into the barrier to hit her, suffering its repeated deadly effects. That was no problem however for a group of warriors with a staff of life in the hands of a priest of Torag.
From afar, Corthana fired her magic missiles in the hopes that one might actually get through. Ruil cut away at Allevrah's defenses in the hopes of a lucky hit. Citrine too cut at the drow again and again, making it impossible for Allevrah to cast a spell. Gunderhoff stayed back with the wand of life, healing anyone who needed aid. And after what seemed like a battle of over three hours, Allevrah finally fell dead to the ground.
The battle was over, and the Immortal's had won.
The Master Glyph still stood before them, and as the four placed their hands upon it, they soon understood what it would take to deactivate. Each of them mentally assaulted it with their own Will and in short order, the glyph shimmered and then winked out.
And high in the sky, Golarion observed a in the night fly through the sky, and continuing its journey through the cosmos.



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