DM: Lord Chris


Corthana: Eric the Red
Gunderhoff: Lord Chris
Citrine: Master Duncan
Ruil: Sir Patrick

Campaign Launched: 2012

Campaign Ended: 2012


It has happened before. A star from the heavens lances down upon an unsuspecting world, devastating and destroying in a storm of fire and ash, making oceans from mountains and graveyards from nations. Today, this event is remembered not for its violent destruction, but for the thousand years of darkness it created—darkness both metaphorical in the descent to barbarisim and physical in the blotting out of the sun from the smoke and ash that blanketed Golarion. It was the end of the Azlanti race, yet it was the genesis of another.

For as the proud Azlant fell, new eyes devoid of color and kindness opened in the deep caverns of the Darklands. And as this new race prospered deep below, its number swelling in secret, the seeds for a Second Darkness took root.

Second Darkness

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