Second Darkness

Summary 02: A Scribe's Last Words


Citadel Rivad, sixty miles west of Westcrown.

Inking his quill to write the first words of, what he hoped would a masterpiece of history, Scribbler Ribald began his arduous task. He looked upon all the notes he had collected over the many years months, and started from the beginning:

Corthana Trannyth, one of the lowly gophers of the Cypher Lodge, was summoned by Elias Tammerhawk, the high diviner. After hearing of the mission, the lovely Corthana went with gusto to find the location of acolyte Ortese who had gone missing in search of something bizarre in the magical nature.

After saving a dwarf named Gunderhoff, or The Hoff as be would later be known as, from being buried alive, the two followed the magical emanations given off by Corthana's wand. They soon arrived at a…

Scribbler Ribald felt absolutely nothing as the blade slashed on an angle from neck to heart, ensuring death. The killer gathered up Ribald's notes, leaving only the blood-spattered page that the man had been in the process writing. It would serve as a silent warning to those who dared speak of what had been discovered that day. Such knowledge was a much reserved feat to possess. After wiping the blade clean on the scribes brown robes, the killer disappeared in the night, and leaving the Hellknight Stronghold of Citadel Rivad behind.



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